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Get Creative in Our Art Classes

Candace Troy Studios teaches beginning and intermediate fine art drawing and painting to children and adults from age 9 and up in Pacifica, California. Classes are kept to 7 students only allowing each person quality instruction and attention. Children and adults are taught the fundamental skills or building blocks to making art. Each painting or drawing covers what was learned in the previous lesson. Repetition builds confidence. Once the understanding of the necessary skills is reached, students begin to experiment with their own expression. To see the magic and mystery of creativity, you have to have a sense of what it can do for you. Adults find relaxation and joy while in the creative process. Progress is encouraged more than technique in our art classes. Allowing yourself to learn without judging yourself is paramount. Learning to relax will move you forward.

Both children and adults are invited to experience the pride of creation by participating in a yearly art show at the San Mateo County Fair. This builds self-esteem and helps overcome shyness or hesitation in showing their work publicly. Often times throughout the year the Pacifica Community offers art competitions that also allow the youth to show their work.

Beginning and Intermediate Kids Classes

Children first starting instruction are given an evaluation on what skill level they are on.  This helps to know how each student learns and how they see as an artist. Every student is given the class options of basic drawing or beginning painting using water-based oils. Both mediums start with value scales and then progress to creating forms or shapes using black and white and then color. A color wheel is essential for students progressing into color. Students are encouraged to use their imaginations and creativity throughout each lesson. Students are taught individually and work from life or subject matter provided by the studio or the student, taking into account personal interests.

We pride ourselves in having students continue on for 3-4 years achieving the Intermediate level. The beginning level students are able to share the same space as well as learn from the Intermediates.

Gift Painting

Complimentary Consultation for Youths

In order for us to better understand the student's creative goals, we offer a complimentary half-hour consultation. The student will actually paint or draw and has the opportunity to experience the studio as well as work with the instructor. This also gives us a chance to meet the parents and establish a friendly rapport with them. By appointment only.