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Best art class in town!!

I have my two daughters enrolled for once a week classes. They have been going for a couple years. Ms. Candace is not only an amazing artist and teacher but a truly caring person. My daughters have become more detailed artists through the years. Candace’s classes have built their confidence as artists tremendously. 

~ Elizabeth W.

My 13 year old daughter has been taking lessons from Candace for 3 years. Her experience has been wonderful. Besides gaining technical skills, these lessons have helped with her self-confidence and helped expand what she could do in school, like beautiful posters and design elements in her science projects. I think we will always be grateful to Candace for showing our daughter to explore her artistic gifts and not be afraid to express herself. 

 ~ Tina L.

According to me, in order to be a great anything, a person needs time and a patient teacher. My daughter has been learning from Ms. Candace for four years now and the results so far have been astonishing. I now have an award-winning 12 year old artist who paints and draws for fun and to express her feelings and to connect with the world around her. Thanks for your patient and expert instruction and for stoking the artistic fire within her!

~ Erik N.

Ms. Candace, Here's what Sophia contributed, in case you'd like a student's perspective too:

"Ms. Candace has taught me so much about art. As a teacher, she is calm, positive, and I feel like I've grown as an artist with her guidance over the last 2 years. Art class with Ms. Candace is something I look forward to every week!" 

~Sophia W.

When my daughter first started taking lessons with Ms. Candace, she liked art but didn't think she was good at it. I've seen my daughter's confidence increase each month as her skills improve, and now she is taking risks with her artwork that she would never have tried before. Ms. Candace encourages students to push themselves and explore their creativity, but she has a wonderful demeanor and kindness that allows students to feel safe in this process.

~ Dawn W